Product Instructions

Instructions On How To Apply Vinyl Name Labels

The surface the label is going to be applied to must be dry and cleaned of any dirt or oil prior to attaching the label.

Peel off your label and apply it directly to your desired surface, pressing firmly with your thumb from one side of the label to the other. 

Make sure that all the edges of the label are adhering smoothly to the surface. Wait for at least 72 hours to allow the label time to cure.

Enjoy having your own cute personalised name labels!

Instructions On How To Apply Iron On Clothing Labels

Our clothing labels are designed to work best on cotton garments.
Before removing the iron-on label, make sure that your iron is set to a steam-free setting and the garment is completely dry.

Preheat your iron to the “cotton” temperature setting.

Slowly peel off the the iron-on label, taking care not to damage the edges of the label.

Place the iron-on label on the desired area of the garment.

Before ironing the iron- on label onto the garment, make sure that you cover the iron-on label with the parchment paper provided by Cuteland in your label kit. NEVER iron directly onto the label without using the parchment paper.

Once the iron on label is covered with the parchment paper, and the iron is at the required temperature, press the iron down firmly onto the parchment paper for 10 seconds.

After a few seconds once the parchment paper has cooled down, then gently remove it from on top of the label.

If the label has only partially attached to the garment, then repeat the above process once the garment is cool and dry, until it is completely attached.

Enjoy having your own cute personalised name labels!

Instructions On How To Apply Wall Stickers

Look where you're sticking! – wall stickers work best on smooth and flat surfaces. For freshly painted walls, please make sure they are fully dry before applying stickers. We recommend a drying period of 2-3 weeks. In addition, it is important to thoroughly clean and completely dry walls before applying your wall stickers.

We highly recommended that you prepare and organise where your wall stickers will go first, in case you are using more than one sticker sheet.
Peeling off the backing paper – carefully peel each sticker off the backing paper and stick it down according to your wall design. We recommend that you start to stick from the bottom of each sticker and then, moving slowly from left to right, gently rub upwards with a soft dry cloth, pushing out any air bubbles as you go.

Just in case you want to remove your wall stickers – our trusty stickers will not damage you walls. However, if you do decide to remove any stickers, we suggest that you lift three edges of a sticker and slowly peel them toward the sticker’s center, when each peel converges the sticker will pop off the wall.

Enjoy having your own cute personalised wall stickers!