About Us

The Cuteland Story

Cuteland is an e-commerce design business that specialises in the personalisation industry, where we absolutely love what we do. From conception to completion of our products, we aim to balance heart-felt passion and logical mindfulness in all that we deliver.

Colour harmony and delicate forms define our unique Cuteland aesthetic, which underpins our goal of generating happy customers who trust our quality standards and personalised designs.

Cuteland’s inception began with a vision and promise to effectively combine affordability, quality and particularly cute and appealing designs. This foundation led to the quaint idea of developing a labelling concept that offers mums an array of the cutest designs possible that personalise their little one’s belongings.

We are dreamers with an enormous stock of positive thinking and we believe that anything is possible as long as you are dedicated to your vision and work hard with determined intent.

From statistician and engineer to our creative team, we collectively design and showcase the cutest and most affordable personalised name labels and gifts for children at any age.

We are 100% committed to offering products that use the highest quality of materials, which ensure customer satisfaction 100% of the time.  We avoid improvisation in our manufacturing process, as focusing on quality control before, during and after production allows us to measure and assess the standard of all our finished products. Furthermore, our products undergo rigorous testing in a variety of environments and situations to ensure their prolonged usage and mileage.

Breaking away from traditional designs, we offer a unique variety of extremely cute and endearing designs that use exclusive colour combinations, which allow our products to be personalised by the children who use them.

Ranging from vinyl name labels, iron-on clothing labels, (which are ideal for keeping your baby or child's belongings cutely identified), room and nursery adhesive decorations (cutifying their walls), to an array of height charts and cute stationery products, including notepaper packs, Cuteland offers many adorable products.

We also have our design policy, which ensures we are continuously introducing new designs to our cute collection for children, suitable for all occasions.